Listen to Where is God Not?

Author:  Dr. Forrest C Eggleston
Read by Fredrick Dreyer

From back cover:  When surgeon Forrest Eggleston and his wife, Barbara, arrived in India in 1953, their two children in tow, the impoverished country had only been independent for six and half years.  The family’s destination as Presbyterian medical missionaries was the Lady Irwin Tuberculosis Sanatorium in he tiny village of Jubar high in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains.  There, surrounded by breathtaking views, cultural mores often inimical to healing, and mind numbing primitive conditions, Eggleston served as the medical superintendent with skill and compassion.  During this period of time, he also developed a general surgical residency program at the Christian Medical College in  Ludhiana, on he plains of the state of Punjab, which allowed him the particularly satisfying activity of teaching.

In a voice still filled with a sense of wonder and gratitude for the incredible adventure in which he and his family too part.  Eggleston reflects on his medical mission.  Although as he describes it, “We wept for the poor of  India and felt helpless,” he and his dedicated staff made a vast difference in the quality of health care available on the plains and in the mountains of North India.  They offered all their patients loving Christian care, curing those who could be cured and not being afraid to be with the incurable as they died.

Eggleston recalls the story behind the simple but profound words that sustained his faith–“Where is God not?”–spoken by Rev. John Lowrie the first Presbyterian missionary to India, in response to a Sikh ruler’ challenging question, “Where id God?”  Through vignettes of village life and individuals, he gives a human face to India’s epic political, religious, and social upheavals as it struggled to to become a self-sufficient and peaceful democracy.

Providence House Publishers, 1999 (All profits were used to benefit medical missions in the developing world)

Read by Fredrick Dreyer
        We are thankful to Rick Dreyer for taking the time to help us digitize Dr. Eggleston’s book so that all might listen to it.
Rick is a mechanical engineer working for companies specializing in crushing equipment for mines, power plants and industrial minerals.  For the last sixteen years he has served out of St. Louis as Director of International Sales which has taken him to 35 different countries.  He loves traveling and experiencing other cultures.  India is a particular favorite.  While in India Rick and Eileen, his wife of 43 years, especially enjoyed attending the wedding of one of his associates in Rourkela.  He and Eileen attend Concord Trinity United Methodist Church in St. Louis.
He has six rules for travel. 1. Be a student and feel and absorb the rich history of other cultures. 2. Look for beauty.  3. Be adventurous.  4. Respect and celebrate our differences.  5.  Talk to local people.  6.  Be prepared for ANYTHING!
Rick responded to an appeal in our Ludhiana CMC US Review (newsletter) and has devoted many weeks of spare time with this project.  We are pleased and proud of the final product.




Part One — Jubar, India

1.  The Road to India
2.  Welcome to India
3.  Christmas
4. Jubar

5. Help comes

6. The Hand of God

7.  Holy Cow

8.  A Clubfoot

9. Strikes and Unions

10.  Don’t Tell My Wife

11.  It Takes Two to Have an Argument

12. Closing Jubar

Part two — Ludhiana, India
13.  Ludhiana

14. Where Is God Not?

15.  Lost

16.  “Fatal Operations”

17.  See One, Help One, Do One

18. You Choose

19.  They Will Kill Me

20. Kali’s Agent

21. Yusuf

22. Balbir

23.  You Are Not Alone

24.  Unrest in the Punjab

25.  Operation Blue Star

26. Assissination

27.  No, You Would Never Do That

28.  You Have Ruined Me

29.  Live in a Goldfish Bowl

Epilogue:  Mission Accomplished






Forrest Eggleston Tribute Video

This video is a tribute to Dr. Forrest and Mrs. Eggleston who served at the Ludhiana Christian Medical College for 32 years.   He started the Surgery Department and trained over 100 surgeons who are serving in India and around the world.  He also served as Director of the Christian Medical College.  This video was produced by the Ludhiana Christian Medical College Board in the United States to be shown during a special memorial time during the 2017 Alumni Reunion which was held in Orlando, Florida.  Funds are currently being raised to endow a permanent lectureship in their name at the Ludhiana Christian Medical College.  Donations may be sent to the US Ludhiana CMC Office, PO Box 1327, Columbia, MO  65205.

Spring 2017 Review Newsletter

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FISH for CMC (Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization)

Providing FISH (Fluo-rescence In Situ Hybridization) lab capabilities for the Ludhiana Christian Medical College Pathology Department is our 2017 fund raising project.

Max Marble stopped by the Pathology Department in March and visited with Dr. Nalini Calton, Department Head and Dr. Kanwardeep Kwatra, Assistant Professor.  They gave him a tour of the department and helped to produce a video stating the need for the FISH lab.  Currently they are having to send all of their lab work to Chandigarh, two hours away from Ludhiana.  PGI Chandigarh is currently the only lab in the Punjab that can do the tests.  It will be a tremendous boost to health in northwest India and to the Ludhiana Medical College and Hospital to have this lab onsite.  It will also be a great cost saving to do the tests rather than sending them out.  Dr. Cotelingam, in Shreveport is promoting the project among the US alumni.

You may send your donations to Ludhiana CMC US Board, P. O. Box 1327, Columbia, MO  65205.  If you have questions please email Max Marble at


2017 Ludhiana CMC Convocation Guest of Honor

Dr. Joy Paul, was the guest of honor at the 2017 Convocation of the Ludhiana Christian Medical College, his Alma mater, on March 23rd.  Dr. Joy Paul, batch of 1959, received his MS & MCH in urology from the Ludhiana Christian Medical College in 1964 and was a part of the teaching staff.  In 1972 he traveled to UCLA, California to receive further training in urology and he and his wife, Dr. Elizabeth Paul, have been serving in the US ever since.  He is a very active member of the US CMC alumni and serves on the Ludhiana Christian Medical College US Board.

CLICK HERE to go to the link and read Dr. Joy Paul’s speech to the Ludhiana Christian Medical College graduates and friends.


Dr. Chandar Remembers Dr. Eggleston

Dr. Earnest Chandar

Dr. Earnest Chandar




CMC graduates, who learnt the art and science of surgery under his supervision, will have so many fond and happy memories to share about him that, if Rev. Max Marble is not selective, he will have to publish a memorial volume for Dr. Eggleston that will be larger than the contents of his circular letters for the next ten years!  Another volume will be needed to include the memoirs all others who knew him in India and the world over I want to remember him from some very different aspects than his being a world renowned teacher, surgeon, and a researcher. My own familiarity with him is not from being his long-term student. I came to know him well from observing his active Christian living and from an administrative point of view when I was a faculty member and also served as the first alumnus Medical Superintend of CMC, Ludhiana.

Click the link below to read the entire document.


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