Greetings to Alumni from Alumni President, Dr. Elizabeth Paul, M.D.

121113_elizabeth_paul_300r_300w_20border_quality12Dear Friends,

Happy New Year.

Hope you all had a wonderful and blessed holiday season, and now you are entering another year with new hopes and resolutions.   May your New Year be filled with blessings and may you find the strength to see through your resolutions.
For me , it is another year to serve you and our Alma mater , as the president of the Alumni Association. The association is only as good as its members, and hence it is my hope that more of us will get actively involved in the association.   As a starter, please join the organization, either as an annual or lifetime member.   Secondly, try to stay connected, through the web or by email.  (Alumni Association Website:

Our Annual meeting is planned for July 24 to 27, in Los Angeles. The details of registration will be given to you in February.   Please save the dates. We are planning it during the summer holidays to encourage younger alumni participation, and I hope we will have a great turn out. I really would like to make it a fun event, and any suggestion is welcome.

The mission of our organization remains the continued connectivity of the CMC Family and the promotion of good will towards our parent institution and towards each other . The College and hospital, are progressing well, being ranked in the top 10 in the nation, with cutting edge technology in some departments and clinical and basic research to match other institutions.  But more than anything else, it  is our medical staff’s commitment that has gained us the top 10 rank.  Thanks to Dr Abraham Thomas and his team.

There are so many areas that still need modernization mostly because of lack of financial support.and that is where we can be of help.

The one project that we the alumni are involved is the Benevolent Fund, to contribute to the financially burdened retired professors.  One may contribute any amount to that fund any time.  It is really an honourable and humanitarian cause.

 Once again I wish you all a wonderful new year and hope to see you in LA.

With warmest regards
Elizabeth Paul M.D
President cmcnaa