FISH for CMC (Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization)

Providing FISH (Fluo-rescence In Situ Hybridization) lab capabilities for the Ludhiana Christian Medical College Pathology Department is our 2017 fund raising project.

Max Marble stopped by the Pathology Department in March and visited with Dr. Nalini Calton, Department Head and Dr. Kanwardeep Kwatra, Assistant Professor.  They gave him a tour of the department and helped to produce a video stating the need for the FISH lab.  Currently they are having to send all of their lab work to Chandigarh, two hours away from Ludhiana.  PGI Chandigarh is currently the only lab in the Punjab that can do the tests.  It will be a tremendous boost to health in northwest India and to the Ludhiana Medical College and Hospital to have this lab onsite.  It will also be a great cost saving to do the tests rather than sending them out.  Dr. Cotelingam, in Shreveport is promoting the project among the US alumni.

You may send your donations to Ludhiana CMC US Board, P. O. Box 1327, Columbia, MO  65205.  If you have questions please email Max Marble at


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