Dr. Abraham Thomas and Ludhiana CMC Recognized

The American College of Surgeons has honored and recognized Dr. Abraham Thomas and the Ludhiana Christian Medical College where he performed the first human face replant.  The College of Surgeons has posted a “Timeline of Improvements in Surgery” listing milestones during the past 100 years.  For the decade of the 90’s five milestones are noted with one being the first full-face replant performed by Dr. Thomas.

Betty Cowan Center Rural Outreach and Research

I had the joy of visiting the village of Guiani, three hours from Ludhiana, where the Betty Cowan Center for Innovation and Research has been reaching out to the rural community.  The outreach is led by Dr. Neeta Kang, Head of Innovation at the Betty Cowan Center.  Join us in the village as you view this three minute video.  To help fund this research and cutting edge medical research Dr. Kang is doing on very aggressive brain tumors send your donations to:  Ludhiana Christian Medical College Board USA, PO Box 1327, Columbia, MO  65205.  For more information contact Max Marble at MarbleLCMC@gmail.com

$10,750 Received in Conference Offering

Casey Andrews, one of the Missouri Conference Ludhiana Mission Ambassadors, introduced the offering for the Ludhiana Christian Medical College & Hospital during the Commissioning and Retirement Service at Annual Conference for the Missouri United Methodist Annual Conference, held in Springfield, MO. $10,750 were received in the offering.