Listen to the first year medical students tell how they saved the life of their classmate.

Meet Dr. Joseph John and his team and learn about the Bone Marrow Transplant program at the Ludhiana Christian Medical College.

Enjoy a short trip to Denver for the 2016 Alumni Reunion.


After the Nepal earthquake, Dr. Abraham Thomas, Director of the Ludhiana Christian Medical College, organized a medical diaster response team to go serve in Nepal.  We had the opportunity to visit with two of the doctors who served on the team.



The 2015 Alumni Reunion and Meeting was held in Cleveland, Ohio.  View some of the highlights of the event in the video above.


Gurwinder Singh became instantly paralyzed below the waist due to a virus. It happened during his wedding ceremony. The ceremony was not completed and the bride and her family withdrew. He was left unable to leave his bed in a dark room in the home he and his widowed mother shared. He fell into despair. His saving grace was the love and care shown him at the Ludhiana Christian Medical College.  Click above to view the video.


I had the joy of visiting with Dr. Kenneth Scott in March 2012. Dr. Scott served as the Director of the Ludhiana Christian Medical College in India from 1963 to 1974. In this portion of our visit he tells about the transition from western missionary leadership to Indian leadership.

Vacation Bible School Mission Project – Pleasant Hill UMC, Pleasant Hill, Missouri (3 minutes)
Each year the Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church offers Vacation Bible School to the children of their congregation and their community. This year the children learned about the Ludhiana Christian Medical College in northwest India. The offering each day was received for this educational and healing ministry. When the Vacation Bible School offering was tabulated they had received over $1400. The children were glad they had been able to help provide health care to children and their families on the other side of the world in India.


Where Prayer & Worship is Central – Ludhiana Christian Medical College (3 minutes)
This video features the chaplaincy ministry at the Ludhiana Christian Medical College in Ludhiana, India.

A Taste of India Dinner & Program – Missouri UMC, Columbia Missouri (3 minutes)The Missouri United Methodist Church in Columbia, Missouri treated their members to a Taste of India while raising some funding for the Ludhiana Christian Medical College in Ludhiana, India.

2012 Mission Study Tour to India/Ludhiana (10 minutes)
The next tour to India and Ludhiana is scheduled for the first two weeks of March 2016.  This video will give an idea of what would be in store for those joining the tour.  The video also gives a lot of basic information about the college and hospital for general viewing by any group.

Cutting Edge Research – Betty Cowan Center for Innovation and Research (3 minutes)
Dr. Betty Cowan was a beloved missionary who served for many long years at the Ludhiana Christian Medical College. The Medical College’s research and innovation center now bears her name. Recently the Betty Cowan Research and innovation Center received a grant for the purchase of a Hyperspectral Imaging System which has not only enhanced their research capabilities but has enabled them to became a teaching center for hyperspectral imaging research. In this video, Dr. Neeta Kang, Head of Innovation, tells about the new system and some of it’s uses.

Rural Outreach – Betty Cowan Center for Innovation and Research (3 minutes)
The Betty Cowan Center for Innovation and Research reaches out to the rural communities near Ludhiana. Max Marble, Executive Director for the Ludhiana Christian Medical College Board USA, went along to see some of their work. Watch this video to learn about some of the outreach that they do.

$13,750 Received in Conference Offering
Casey Andrews, one of the Missouri Conference Ludhiana Mission Ambassadors, introduced the offering for the Ludhiana Christian Medical College & Hospital during the Commissioning and Retirement Service at Annual Conference for the Missouri United Methodist Annual Conference, held in Springfield, MO. $13,750 were received in the offering.

Community Health Outreach Ministry at Ludhiana CMC  (3 minutes)
Sue Cobb from Church of the Shepherd, in St. Charles, Missouri tells about the amazing community health outreach ministry in this video.  Sue is a Missouri Conference Mission Ambassador who visited Ludhiana early in 2011.

Missouri Conference Mission Ambassadors Visit Ludhiana CMC (3 minutes)
Missouri Conference Mission Ambassadors visited Ludhiana Christian Medical College and Hospital.  On the third day of their visit they shared some of their first impression on this video which was taped in Ludhiana.  You will hear from Sue Cobb – Church of the Shepherd UMC, Dick Linn – Ozark UMC, Laura Taylor – Living Word UMC, Steve Hall – Red Bridge UMC, Audrey Phelps – Office of Creative Ministries and Casey Andrews – Cassville UMC.

Offering Appeal for Ludhiana CMC
Casey Andrews, a Ludhiana Mission Ambassador, gave an appeal for generous giving to the Ludhiana Christian Medical College before the offering was received at the Ordination Service of the Missouri Conference of the United Methodist Church. $6,678 was received for the important ministry in Ludhiana. Click below to hear Casey’s message.

Prayer and Worship at Ludhiana College & Hospital  (3 minutes)
(3 Minutes) Prayer and worship is central at the Ludhiana Christian Medical College and Hospital in northwest India. Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, all join in during the corridor rounds that the chaplains make every day.

The Healing Touch of Jesus at Ludhiana CMC (3 Minutes)
As United Methodists we have a long historic relationship with the Ludhiana Medical College and Hospital. In the past we have sent missionary doctors and staff to Ludhiana to serve. It was good visiting Ludhiana and getting a first had look as this incredible ministry of teaching and healing that is still a part of our United Methodist outreach.

Nursing Student Share  (3 Minutes)
(3 Minutes) One of the ways we have supported the Ludhiana Christian Medical College is by providing scholarships for nursing students. Recently two congregations, Webster Groves UMC in St. Louis and Missouri UMC in Columbia have asked for some picture or videos of current nursing students to help in raising fund for scholarships. The result is MissionCast #194. Max Marble, Director of the Office of Creative Ministries, was able to interview some students in September while attending the Ludhiana Christian Medical College Board meeting. This MissionCast is 3 minutes long. However longer versions are available with fuller interviews.… (6 min version)

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